Customer Service, Terms & Conditions
By placing your order you agree to the terms and conditions, which in no way affect your statutory rights. The term and conditions are subject to change so please check them before ordering.

Coop Orders: Coop order batches are by their very nature large bulk orders. Allowing customers to order together in bulk means that materials are ordered in volume upfront and discounts can be shared with customers. Normally there is some lag time between a coop closing, invoices being sent, invoices being paid and  materials ordered, dispatched and delivered, orders made, packed, shipped, etc. Turnaround time can vary with coop orders from weeks to months. Coops are normally worked on over a season of 2-4 months depending on the coop size, but there is no guarantee of a specified turnaround and delivery on a coop. Consider this in mind when selecting sizing to order or if ordering for a certain date. Bulk coop orders take as long as they take, though custom orders are likely to be limited while a coop yarn or fabric coop orders are still pending completion for example.

Discount Codes: 
Discount codes are provided at the discretion of Beth Sutherland Creative Studio and may be withdrawn without notice. Any orders that apply a discount code that a customer is not eligible for may be refunded and the order cancelled. You can only apply one promotional code at a time, so you could pick free shipping or a % discount for example.

Turnaround & Delivery: 
Normally instock items will be sent within 1-3 working days or longer where an order contains in stock items as well as custom out of stock items. Otherwise hand created or dyed items can take 5-10 working days, once the your order is active and in progress having moved to the top of the custom list. The custom list queue can take up to 8-12 weeks or more when very busy. Where an order requires additional stock from our suppliers, lead time can be around 2-3 weeks or more (in the case of international suppliers, etc). Where an order contains in stock items as well as custom out of stock items (to be created or ordered), the order will be sent once all items are available and ready, unless otherwise requested or agreed. Sometimes we send instock items first and follow with a custom later, but that is at the discretion of Beth Sutherland Creative Studio.

Dye lots and orders are done in rounds or batches normally, so when a small quota of orders has been filled, these are worked on and dispatched or added to the next available round, depending on current workload and demand. If for example workload and demand is extremely high, your order is placed in queue for the next available round (for example a few orders required different colourways of fabric or yarn worked on within the same dye batch).

Due to the custom nature of some products, turnaround may take up to 5–15 working days once we have the product or material in stock or once the custom order starts being worked on (when the status of the order goes to active).

We normally keep between 20-50 metres of our fabrics in stock and where out of stock these are ordered from our national or international suppliers once your order has been taken and payment processed, according to the upcoming working rounds and timescales. As such there can be up to a 2-3 week lead time between when your order is taken and when we receive, approve and where required dye your fabric or create your product, before sending on to you. This is normally in time for when the relevant working round has been scheduled, in which your products will be created.

Beth Sutherland Creative Studio carries limited undyed base stock of each type of yarn or fabric. This allows specific Colourways to be produced according to demand where each order is bespoke or can be adapted and customised depending on exactly what you are looking for.

Colour and Dye Variation: The easiest way to purchase is to select the product and Colourways you want and if it's not immediately available it will be dyed especially and delivered to according to the current turnaround. Orders will be carried out within 30 days of being active (which is the statutory limit), unless otherwised specified. If an order is likely to take longer than 30 days, you will be notified within that time period. In stock items are delivered within 1-3 working days and our aim is to get your purchases to you as quickly as possible.

Dye and colour qualities may vary somewhat as each dye lot is custom and unique so there will be variations due to dye placement, variations in temperature, timings, uptake of dye, dye technique, etc. All dyes lots are made from the same strength of base dye stock and the same proportional dye colour recipes and mixes. Web colour viewing and different monitor profiles / gamma settings also produce differences in colour representational on screen, as does original digital photography.

Care and Washing: Interlock wool longies should be handwashed at no more than 30C and dried flat. Always use a wool friendly soap with a woolmark logo. Lycra blend wool interlock can be machine washed at 60C when used as a nappy outer, but the 100% merino wool interlock is best handwashed, to avoid further shrinkage. Washable wool interlock can be washed at up to 60C with a wool friendly soap. Wool fabrics should always be washed with a wool friendly / woolmark soap detergent. Wool prefers a ph of around 5-6. Biological detergents will eat away at silk and wool over time and the high 10-11 ph of non-bio and bio soap powders will damage wool over time.

Dyed or sewn fabrics, unless otherwise stated, have been pre-washed at 60-70C, fulled and where appropriate dried on a low heat setting. We don't recommend hoter washes or hot tumble drying of fabric or garments, as this may cause additional shrinkage.

For dyed fabrics such as cotton and bamboo we recommend using a 40C or a maximum 60C wash. Lycra blend wool can be machine washed, but may shrink if tumble dried. Wool nappy outers are less likely to shrink than wool longies, because they have  been more heavily fulled. We recommend drying wool interlock longies flat or spinning your interlock longies in your washing machine to remove any excess liquid after lanolising. You should use a wool comb to easily remove any bobbling on the wool surface.

We recommend you lanolise Longies and Soakers as required and expect you will need to lanolise 3-4 times for your longies to get to a good water resistant level. Where you have a very heavy wetter you may need to lanolise more frequently and adapt the nappy and boosting you use beneath the interlock to ensure good coverage.

With cotton velour, bamboo velour, woven cottons and bamboo interlock or fleece fabrics that have been dyed with Procion MX dyes, it's recommended you wash these fabrics or items (nappies, clothing or liners) seperately for the first few washes. Any remaining excess dyes can leak slightly and take a few washes to settle completely. They have been fixed with an excess amount of soda ash and have had 2 cold and 4 hot washes with synthrapol / mentapex to ensure no excess dyes remain, however it is still a good idea to be aware of the dye fastness and care for the fabric accordingly until you are confident yourself that they are completely colourfast so wash separately or with similar colours at first.

Mailing List: Beth Sutherland Creative Studio runs an automated mailing list through Aweber. This is integrated with a number of 3rd party solutions including Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics and Paypal. You may receive emails via the mailing list because you opted in at our website or are a previous customer. We occasionally send special offers, news and promotions to customers who opt in or have made a previous purchase. Your privacy is very important and any information provided will always be treated in confidence and according to the Data Protection Act.

Postage and Packaging: UK Orders of less than £50 value are sent first class. UK orders above £50 are often sent Special Delivery. For International orders we send either Airsure or by courier (such as FedEx or TNT). International orders require priority shipping and adequate insurance to be paid.

Postage Costs:
Automatic postage calculations are difficult to work out due to the varying products & parcel sizing.

Fabrics for example often carry a higher postage rate due to weight & parcel size. 

Please contact us to arrange any postage changes or to receive a more customised quote.

Bamboo fabric by the metre
UK - £4 postage, plus £2 per additional metre.
International - £6 postage, plus £2 per additional metre.

Heavy or Super Heavy bamboo fabric by the metre
UK - £4 postage, plus £2 per additional metre.
International - £7 postage, plus £2 per additional metre.

Chiffon fabric & bamboo fabric samples
UK - £1 postage.
International - £3 postage.

Other Products (excluding fabric)
£4 postage cost sent First Class by Royal Mail for order values up to £20
£5 postage cost sent First Class by Royal Mail for order values £20-£35
£8 postage cost sent by Courier, Confirmed or Special Delivery by Royal Mail for order values £35-£100+

Airmail signed for costs an additional £7 extra.

Once an order has shipped Beth Sutherland Creative Studio is not responsible for lost or damaged packages. Occasionally Royal Mail looses packages, which we would normally replace or can be claimed directly from Royal Mail by yourself or us. Usually we prefer that you make any claim, as you can claim for the full value of your purchase, whereas we can only claim for actual material costs; not overheads, time spent making then replacing, any margin or cost to re-send. When orders are lost, it costs a great deal in materials, time and expense to replace. Our policies with lost orders don't affect your statutory rights or DSRs, but we do prefer to replace and make claims in the easiest way possible that has the least impact on you and us.

UK delivery: Default for postage is by 1st Class Royal Mail, however if your order value exceeds £50, your order will usually be sent Special Delivery or by Courier. We send by courier when it becomes more economical to.

Europe delivery: International postage is by Royal Air Mail / Airsure. Postage Pricing may vary in the case of a large or particularly heavy order. We send by courier when it becomes more economical to. 

Note: As third party firms are used to deliver your order we cannot be held responsible for and do not guarantee delivery times. They are for guidance only.

Custom Products / Designs to Order: Where a product is being designed and created especially for you, turnaround increases and costs take into account design time spent and the value of creative outcomes. Costs are always estimated, agreed and paid for prior to work commencing on your custom product.

Promotions & Discounts: Occasionally there are promotions and discounts available for certain products of based on order size. Some of these promotions are available to all, some are available to mailing list subscribers only or are customer specific. Promotions and discounts are discretionary and subject to individual published terms. They may be withdrawn without notice, though will generally run for a set period of time, a set month or number of weeks or on an ongoing basis.

Wholesale Orders and Accounts: We can offer wholesale discounts for commercial customers ordering in bulk or ordering on a fairly frequent basis.

Product Collaborations, Manufacturing & 3rd Parties: Beth Sutherland Creative Studio works with other 3rd parties and contractors to bring customers products. 3rd Party products include the LLS Night Nappy or Luscious Little Nappy made by Amber Jessopp at Made by Amber. It should be understood that although collaborated products may be co-branded and carry the Luscious Little Somethings or Luscious Creations brand name. 3rd party products are made wholey by the 3rd party contractor with custom dyed fabrics, printed fabrics or materials designed and provided by Beth Sutherland Creative Studios.

Beth Sutherland Creative Studio & Luscious Creations: The brand names Beth Sutherland Creative Studio, Luscious Little Somethings and Luscious Creations are copyright of Beth Sutherland. Discretionary permission to use these brand names may be granted to 3rd parties for products or services. Permission to use these brand names may also be revoked at any time. Where there has been an issue of poor quality that reflects badly on the  brand value and reputation, permission to use the Beth Sutherland Creative Studio or Luscious Creations brand names may be revoked without notice, otherwise 2 weeks notice or more will be given.

Copyright: Beth Sutherland Creative Studio maintains automatic copyright of the designs, products, colourways (both colour combinations and corresponding colourway names), fabric and dyed outcomes, dye techniques and corresponding visual outcome or visual style. Images, product names, patterns, site content, copy, writing, etc are all the intellectual copyright of Beth Sutherland.

Beth Sutherland Creative Studio  Colourways: The Beth Sutherland Creative Studio Colourways, including names and corresponding colour combinations and outcomes on yarns or fabrics are copyright of Beth Sutherland. Colourways names must in no way be re-appropriated, renamed or changed and credit of original colourways should be given where products made from Beth Sutherland Creative Studio Colourways are sold for commercial gain. Credit and ownership of the colourway outcome (whether on yarn or fabric) must not be misrepresented or creative ownership and copyright implied through omission, to someone else other than Beth Sutherland Creative Studio, Luscious Creations and Beth Sutherland.

Yarn & Fabric Clubs: Yarn and Fabric Clubs may be made available on a PAYG and subscription basis. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time up the the end of the preceeding month and are billed continously on a monthly or quarterly basis. The clubs are custom or surprise orders based on monthly themes alongside customer preferences. Club outcomes are therefore non-returnable and non-refundable. The pricing for clubs have been discounted with postage included and this takes into account ongoing club membership and the monthly bulk of each club. Clubs will start being sent out the month following your payment and only one lot of postage will be added when you pay at checkout in the case of PAYG. For subscriptions all postage is automatically included. Club membership may be cancelled by the customer or by Luscious Little Somethings prior to the next expected subscription payment.

Additional Services: Additional design services offered by Beth Sutherland Creative Studio are subject to their own separate terms and conditions, which you must agree to before placing an order. Any additional services are accompanied by a clear brief and statement of work created especially for your specific project. This may include other design services and custom items.

Returns and Cancellations: You can cancel your order anytime up until seven working days after you have received it. This is your statutory right under the Distance Selling Regulations and you must notify us in writing of your intention to cancel. Where you are withdrawing from your purchase within the seven working day cooling-off period and there has been no error on our part, we will refund the cost of the item and the cost of sending the item to you on a per item basis. For orders delivered outside of the UK we will refund the cost of the product or products, plus only standard Airmail postal charges.

Where you are withdrawing from your purchase between seven and 30 days after delivery and there has been no error on our part, we will refund only the cost of the product or products.

This applies to all products except for items made to the customer's specifications where the seven day cooling off period does not apply and returns will only be deemed acceptable if the custom product is defective.

For custom orders created to a specific brief or volume, where materials are ordered and dyed specifically, your cancellation rights ends as soon as work on the custom order begins. To this end, non faulty items which have been made to the customers’ specifications as a custom order are excluded from our returns policy.

You can cancel by emailing However, because we aim to ship any instock orders within 1-3 day, please return your unused/unworn items in their original condition, with their original packaging and at your own expense within 14 days from the date of delivery and according to your statutory duty (please obtain proof of Special Delivery postage). We will cancel your order and send you a refund within 30 days for the total of the original order according to your statutory rights.

If a product is damaged or faulty or not as requested (for example substituted product or not customised correctly as requested), we will fully reimburse you within 30 days, provided the goods are returned to us within 14 days and in an unused condition. Please ensure you use Confirmed / Signed For or Special Delivery for returning damaged goods and we will also refund you the cost in the case of faulty, damaged or incorrect good. Where we send you a replacement for a damaged, defective or incoorect item, you must return the original item to us within 30 days. We reserves the right to charge you for the price of the replacement item if you do not return the original item to us within 30 days of the date on which we confirm in writing that we will issue a replacement. We will check all items returned as damaged or defective. In the event we find no fault, we reserve the right to re-charge you for the item/s and to recover our fees and expenses from you.

If you are not happy with a product but it is not damaged or faulty, please return it to us via Special Delivery with its original packaging and we will refund you within 30 days. You will not be reimbursed for Special Delivery costs in this case. The item should be in unused condition and suitable for resale and you will be refunded for the cost of he product, minus postage. Please ensure you obtain proof of postage. We reserve the right to send back items to you that have been returned to us after 30 days unless they are faulty.

If you take delivery of a Beth Sutherland Creative Studio or Luscious Creations product and the contents have been damaged in transit, you can return the product or products to us within 30 days of receipt for exchange. If the item is defective (within 30 days of receipt) you have the right to return a faulty item within a reasonable period of time.

As soon as you find out we've sent you an incorrect item, please email us for more information. We may request you send the incorrect item back to us, we'll make sure you are not charged for it and send you a correct replacement. We may let you keep the incorrect item and we will send you a correct replacement. In the event of us sending you a replacement for a damaged, defective or incorrect item, unless otherwise stipulated, you must return the original item within 30 days of our e-mail confirming the issue of the replacement item. Provided you return this item to us within the 30 days, you will have nothing more to pay. If you do not return the original item to us by the end of the 30 day period, we reserve the right to charge you for an amount equal to the price of your original order.

For more information on your statutory rights, see the Office of Fair Trading Distance Selling Regulations.

Refunds for Non-receipt: Should you not receive your order after dispatch the options are for either yourself or Luscious Little Somethings to make a claim for loss with Royal Mail or the relevant courier your order was dispatched with. Where an order cannot be remade, you would be entitled to a refund within 30 days. This allows us to process a claim for loss during that time.

Pricing: Prices can be modified at anytime. All prices are in GBP.

Contact: If you have any comments, feedback or questions you can get in touch by email, post or phone. Beth Sutherland Creative Studio is a WAHM business and as such the address below is our home.


Beth Sutherland Creative Studio
2/2, 1 Greenhill Street
G73 2LJ

Beth Sutherland Ltd  - Company Number 467198
trading as Beth Sutherland Creative Studio

Tel: +44(0)141 356 3516

Privacy Policy: According to the Data Protection Act we never make your personal details available to other companies. We only use your email address for the marketing of  Beth Sutherland Creative Studio products where you have opted in. We (and our representatives) may hold your personal details only in order to process your order.

Complaints & Service Levels: Should you have a complaint or query of any sort please send an email in writing to We aim to provide a high level of service and are happy to discuss your order or order status in more detail. Please note however, we will not accept abusive or threatening discussion or correspondence in any way, shape or forms, through any medium. This includes, but is not limited to swearing and potential slander. In the event either occurs we shall have no choice but to refuse your custom and halt any further conversation relating to it. Should you wish for any issues to be addressed we would always encourage an open and constructive dialogue with mutual levels of respect and consideration. It is at our discretion whether we accept or refuse your custom.

Payment: All transactions are secure and encrypted, and we never store your credit card information. You can pay via Paypal, through which you can set up all major credit and debit cards for payment.

Product Availability: All products are subject to availability and turnaround.

Legal: Beth Sutherland Creative Studio makes every effort to ensure that our product images and descriptions are accurate, however due to the nature of hand made and dyed products, variations in colour and size may occur between dye lots, fabrics or materials, etc.